This is for the girls who use to sneak and read Zane books in middle school.

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A Woman Reading a Book

You used to love reading.

Damn, what happened?

Maybe it’s because we don’t get pizza every time we finish a book anymore. It’s probably because our jobs are pissing us off. Or maybe your toddler is always asking for a snack...and tbh, you could use one too. Somewhere along the way, the way we discussed reading more often than not began with, “I used to love reading...”

...wouldn’t it be nice

to get lost in a book again?

Meet Jess.

I wanted to find a community of Black women who connect over the journey of finding our way back to reading for fun. But I couldn’t quite find the right group, so I’m going to *try* to create it.

I’m gonna be real. I be busy and I am tired. But I also want reading to be a source of joy and leisure for me again like it was before I had bills to pay and had to figure out what the hell I’m eating for dinner every night. And I know I‘m not the only one.

There’s three rules to Shelf Indulgence Club:



Thirty minutes


everyday reading

Only fiction


books by

Black authors.


What’s on our shelf?

Our June Read

Omar Tyree is BACK, yall! This month, the girls are reading his latest thriller, CONTROL. Six talented but dangerously toxic personalities in the entertainment hotbed of Atlanta push their psychologist to her own vulnerable limits – and maybe beyond.

The club will meet virtually in early July to discuss the book!

Think of it as an online watercooler where you talk through what you’re reading, what cookbook is collecting dust on your shelf and which book you cannot stand even if everyone else loves it (I’m looking at you, The Other Black Girl.)

If you’re an introverted overthinker like me, stop it. If Summer Walker can perform with the stage presence of a rusted doorknob, you can click the link below and meet some new people.